About us


Caam Farms Nigeria Limited is an Agric-business private driven organisation with a motive to contribute heightening activities in agricultural value chain in Nigeria, helping to enhancing Farmer income as well as making profit for its shareholders. It is currently a large scale dealer in different products sales and distribution to customers. Its current niche market is the South-East especially Anambra State. Caam Farms has concluded its strategy to boost the rice growers market in that region, ensuring that they are timely served with fertilizes and other agricultural Inputs. The proposed Rice Mill will absorb all farm gate output in the zone especially in Anambra State.


Caam Farms Nigeria Limited will be engaged in agro allied activities to increase the welfare of farmers by adding value to farming production at all stage of the production chain. It is the vision of Caam Farmers Nigeria Limited to substantially improve on the standard of living of the Local farmers in all its area of operations through building their capacity.


Caam Farms Nigeria Limited is embarking on the production of a 2 ton per hour Parboiled white rice using locally grown Paddy rice and selling to institutional and individual customers utilizing established distribution channels in Nigeria. The quality of the finished Parboiled rice shall meet or exceed international standards utilizing the most recent technology and machinery in the rice production process. Caam Farm Nigeria Limited’s aim is for its brand of rice to be the best amongst competitors. This shall be achieved by ensuring strict adherence to quality control practice.


  • Caam Farms Nigeria Limited will operate with the highest standards in dealings with customers, suppliers and the environment thereby contributes to the transformation of the local community.
  • Caam Farms Nigeria Limited will encourage diligence, innovation and competition amongst staff and rewards accordingly.