General Descriptions

The processing mill will produce white Rice, a staple food that is widely consumed at the global level. According to FAO statistics Rice is the grain with the highest worldwide production and consumption, after maize. It is an excellent source of compound carbohydrates.

Nigeria is reported to be the second largest importer of rice in Africa. Cote’divore, South Africa and Senegal are also importers of Rice in Africa, which makes them a ready market for high quality rice envisaged to be produced by Caam Farms Nigeria Limited.

 Key Features

Caam Farms will produce Parboiled rice from paddy. The production process involves milling Paddy rice cultivated in local farms by soaking, pressure steaming and drying prior to being passed through standard milling process to produce white rice.


Main Benefits

  • Parboiled rice has higher vitamin content than raw milled rice. It is an excellent source of niacin, thiamine and magnesium.
  • Parboiled rice is less sticky to cook and therefore widely used in the catering industry. It can be overcooked without being mushy or losing its grain shape. It has a long steam table life which is very important for restaurants.
  • -The high temperature occurring during parboiling kills any insect eggs that comes with the rice from the paddy input, thereby sterilizing it.
  • Above mentioned benefits makes parboiled rice very marketable and high demand.